AGM 2019

The SCF AGM was held at 11:00 on 19 November 2019 at Winchester Racquets and Fitness.

The formal minutes may be read.


  1. To accept the 2018 minutes and consider any matters arising – Chris Roberts
  2. Consider the proposed changes to the constitution as described below. Two thirds of the votes must be cast in favour for the changes to be accepted – Steve Fisher
  3. Reports (which are linked below) will be summarised and those present will be able to ask questions.
    1. Chairman – Chris Roberts
    2. Treasurer (also to receive the accounts, fix the subscription rates and elect an examiner for next years accounts) – John Beckerleg
    3. AC League manager – David Warhurst
    4. GC League Manager – Roy Tillcock
    5. Tournament Officer (also dates and venues for next year’s SCF events) – Richard Jenkins
    6. Coaching Officer – Ian Harrison
    7. Development Officer – Barry Dench
    8. Handicapping Officer for GC – Chris Roberts
    9. Handicapping officer for AC  – Frances Colman
    10. SCF representative on council – Frances Colman
  4. Short Croquet report from the CA – Steve Fisher
  5. Prize giving – Chris Roberts
  6. Election of committee. The table below shows those who have so far been proposed for committee roles for the coming year.  Our constitution only allows a person to serve for more than 4 years if they are unopposed as is the case for the chairman and tournaments officer. In the absence of nominations for a vacant post prior to the meeting nominations may be taken from the floor.
  7. AOB

Nominations for the committee

ChairmanChris Roberts
SecretaryBrian Jamieson
TreasurerJohn Beckerleg
AC leaguesDavid Warhurst
GC leaguesRoy Tillcock
DevelopmentPeter Allan
CoachingIan Harrison
AC HandicapperRichard Peperell
GC HandicapperRichard Jenkins
TournamentsRichard Jenkins
WebmasterSteve Fisher
Club Member

Changes to the constitution

The committee are all in favour of the following:

  • A simpler AGM voting procedure – 1 vote per club where the chairman has a casting vote as discussed briefly last year.
  • Remove the CA rep as an elected committee person  – the representative should be an ex officio member of the committee and have the same voting rights as directly elected members.
  • Add an extra role on the committee – that of webmaster. This was considered desirable to ensure that the committee can have appropriate proper control of the information on the SCF website.

To achieve these aims the following specific changes are proposed:

8 CONDUCT OF MEETINGS replace the first sentence by:  “At a General Meeting, Full Member Clubs shall have one vote.”
9 COMMITTEE  add before  “Regional Representative on the Council of the CA” the new role “the webmaster of the federation website, ”  Change  “The committee members shall be elected annually at the AGM” to “The committee members, other than the  Regional Representative on the Council of the CA, shall be elected annually at the AGM.