Raymond Wood wins first ‘Smokey’s Cup’

Phyllis Court’s first Croquet Association GC ‘B’ Level Tournament for ‘Smokey’s Cup’ proved a huge success and ended with victory for Raymond Wood of the host Club. Holding off a challenge from 15 other players from 9 different clubs, Wood ended the two day event with just 3 defeats, once the all play all format had been completed. This gave him a clear ‘two wins’ margin of victory over his nearest rivals Richard Keighley (Wingrave) & Dan Ellis (Eynsham) and he was all smiles when receiving ‘Smokey’s Cup’ from the man himself, Phyllis Court Croquet President Smokey Eades. Andrea Huxley from (Guildford) blazed a trail on the first day but fell away on the second, whilst ‘surprise packages’ were Ivo Ponting (White Horse) and highest handicapper
Janet Trueman (Hamptworth), who both exceeded their seeding position handsomely.