Oxfordshire runners up at GC Inter-Counties

Oxfordshire pushed Kent all the way to their victory in the GC Inter-Counties Championship yesterday, but fell just short by one match win. A terrific start on Saturday saw Oxon, as joint leaders overnight along with Kent and Glamorgan which was such a turnaround from the low finishing position of last season. TJ Johansen (1) lead the team of fellow Phyllis Court players Chris Roberts (1), Helena Fensome (2), and county stalwart John Spiers of Surbiton (1). Charlie von Schmeider (1), also of Phyllis Court, bolstered the team on Sunday, which saw Leicestershire come into the fray to finish third just behind Oxon, by dint of one game win achieved in the very last round. The Hampshire team. also from our region with players from Ryde and Winchester fared less well. But in the end Kent emerged as the best team and worthy winners.