Hamptworth pair Pat and Ray Fidler win the SCF AC Armada

Six pairs entered this doubles tournament namely: Ann and Nick Beard, Pat and Ray Fidler, Diana and Richard Stevens (all Hamptworth), Keith Mackenzie-Ross and John Barker, holders Ivor Nunn and Artur Da Costa (all Winchester), and Raghu Iyer and Harry Midgley (Phyllis Court). There was a last minute change to the last couple as Harry telephone at 7.20 am to say his partner was ill, however Glynis Hassel from Dogmersfield gamely stepped into the breach at the last minute despite having an hours travelling time from her home.

The format was four 14 point 1.5-hour games with central starting and finishing, and run as a Swiss. At lunchtime there were two pairs on two wins each, but after the first game of the afternoon Pat and Ray Fidler had a clear lead having won all three games, with Ivor and Artur and Keith and John on two wins apiece. In the last game Ivor and Artur beat Keith and John giving them three wins and a potential problem loomed for that manager, as they had not played Pat and Ray who were contesting Harry and Glynis in a very tight game. If Pat and Ray did not win, then a play-off would have been necessary. After time had been called, Glynis had a last turn and was two hoops behind. She managed to run one and got a long take-off to the other to force a golden hoop situation. Having landed in front of the hoop, nerves took over and she sadly ‘blobbed’ it, leaving Pat and Ray winners by one hoop, and clear winners of the trophy having won all four of their games.

SCF Committee member Frances Colman, who arrived during the afternoon, kindly presented the trophy.

Rita Nunn