Wingrave’s Paul Gunn wins the National GC B-level Series Final

Manager (and now Chairman of the CA,) Brain Shorney reports: Sixteen qualifiers from the National B-Level Series, with handicaps between 1 and 5, met at Budleigh Salterton for the National Final on the 8th and 9th October. Play was arranged in a single American block. The combination of untimed games, double banking, short daylength and very close, competitive games, resulted in the last games of each day being concluded in fading light.

Ashby’s Steve Marsh (4) was in fine form on the first day. Playing above his handicap, he led the leader-board at the end of Saturday’s play with 7 wins out of 8. He lost his opening games on Sunday and was overtaken by the top seed Paul Gunn (1), Wingrave, and Richard Bilton (3), Nottingham. Each ended up with 12 wins with Paul Gunn winning the B-Level Series Bowl on the basis of “who beat whom”. Richard, a 19 year-old student at Nottingham University, displayed impressive stroke play and a positive approach which indicates a promising future.

Budleigh members were most hospitable and the lawns were immaculately presented, providing excellent late-season playing conditions.

Final top placings: 1. Paul Gunn (12 wins); 2. Richard Bilton (12); 3. Steve Marsh (10); 4. Richard Keighley (10); 5. Brian McCausland (9); 6. John Skuse (9).