SCF Club players win two of the three National ‘Most Improved Player’ Awards

Paul Gunn (Wingrave)
Most Improved GC Player

Andy Myers (Aldermaston)
Most Improved AC Male Player

Congratulations to Paul Gunn and Andy Myers collected theri awards at he AGM of the Croquet Association today. Their citations read as follows:

Paul Gunn

Paul had a 75% win percentage in 2016. He won the first B-Level qualifier tournament of 2016, was second and third at two others, and then won the National B-Level Series Final in October. Toward the end of the season, he entered the unrestricted Sussex Open (an A-Level Series tournament) and won it. His grade and world rankings were:
2015 – end of season grade 1705 (World 811, UK 266) – 27 games
2016 – end of season grade 2091* (World 285, UK 58) – 77 games

Andy Myers

Andy had an impressive year in 2016 decreasing in handicap from -0.5 to -1.5 (index 2153 to 2405). He won 60.8% of his games and managed 5 triple peels. Andy’s world ranking improved from 153 to 64, taking part in two championships and the Spencer Ell, which he won.