Hamptworth pair are SCF handicap ‘Champions of Champions’

Tim O’Donnell
Steve Bennett

Hamptworth players Tim O’Donnell (left) and Steve Bennett (right) respectively won the SCF’s AC and GC handicap ‘Champion of Champions’ tournaments this weekend and congratulations to them both. The tournaments pit the previous season’s handicap champions of member clubs against each other, this time hosted by Hamptworth CC. SCF Tournaments Officer Richard Jenkins reports that there was good support for the GC tournament on Saturday when 12 players locked horns in two blocks of six which each provided a finalist. The host’s Steve Bennett defeated Littleton’s Jerry Wilde 7-3 in that final. On a cold Sunday the SCF’s Rep to the CA Frances Colman battled being under the weather to stoically play in and manage the AC tournament which was a straight knock-out between eight players. Hamptworth’s rapid improver Tim O’Donnell made few mistakes, and in the final particularly, where he saw off Noel Harris of Eynsham.