2021 Armada (One Ball)

The Armada reborn: for Drake read Pegrum!

After an enforced one year delay, the SCF Armada Trophy tournament took place at Winchester CC on 15 June. Previously an AC doubles event, the Armada has been re-cast as an AC “one-ball” tournament with the aim of attracting more players.

Sixteen players from nine clubs participated, ranging from experienced players to “first-timers” at this variant of AC. In a busy day of five rounds of handicap one-ball in “Swiss” format one player won all his matches – five out of five and so became the first winner of the re-born Armada: Chris Pegrum (h’cap 12) from Caversham CC is a recent graduate of Lincoln College, Oxford but has learned his croquet under College auspices rather than as a member of OUACC. He will be changing jobs shortly and moving to Amersham, so will come within the orbit of High Wycombe CC – a talent to be watched!

The runner-up with 4/5 wins was Ian Harrison (-2) of Basingstoke and Winchester who was pipped at the peg by a stunning 12 yard peg shot by Glynis Hassell (15) of Dogmersfield and Winchester. Just to prove that it was not a fluke, Glynis repeated the feat in her following game against Artur Da Costa (10) on the other court!

The weather was glorious and the day was greatly enjoyed by all the participants, including those for whom it was a fairly steep learning curve. Hopefully, Armada one-ball is here to stay.

The magnificent 16

Ian Harrison