AGM 2019

The SCF AGM will be held at 11:00 on 19 November 2019 at Winchester Racquets and Fitness.

Provisional Agenda

  1. To accept the 2018 minutes and consider any matters arising – Chris Roberts
  2. Consider the proposed changes to the constitution as described below. Two thirds of the votes must be cast in favour for the changes to be accepted – Steve Fisher
  3. Reports (which are linked below) will be summarised and those present will be able to ask questions.
    1. Chairman – Chris Roberts
    2. Treasurer (also to receive the accounts, fix the subscription rates and elect an examiner for next years accounts) – John Beckerleg
    3. AC League manager – David Warhurst
    4. GC League Manager – Roy Tillcock
    5. Tournament Officer (also dates and venues for next year’s SCF events) – Richard Jenkins
    6. Coaching Officer – Ian Harrison
    7. Development Officer – Barry Dench
    8. Handicapping Officer for GC – Chris Roberts
    9. Handicapping officer for AC  – Frances Colman
    10. SCF representative on council – Frances Colman
  4. Short Croquet report from the CA – Steve Fisher
  5. Prize giving – Chris Roberts
  6. Election of committee. The table below shows those who have so far been proposed for committee roles for the coming year.  Our constitution only allows a person to serve for more than 4 years if they are unopposed as is the case for the chairman and tournaments officer. In the absence of nominations for a vacant post prior to the meeting nominations may be taken from the floor.
  7. AOB

Nominations for the committee

ChairmanChris Roberts
SecretaryBrian Jamieson
TreasurerJohn Beckerleg
AC leaguesDavid Warhurst
GC leaguesRoy Tillcock
DevelopmentPeter Allan
CoachingIan Harrison
AC HandicapperRichard Peperell
GC HandicapperRichard Jenkins
TournamentsRichard Jenkins
WebmasterSteve Fisher
Club Member

Anybody wishing to propose changes to the agenda should do so 14 days prior to the meeting. This web page will be updated as appropriate.

Changes to the constitution

The committee are all in favour of the following:

  • A simpler AGM voting procedure – 1 vote per club where the chairman has a casting vote as discussed briefly last year.
  • Remove the CA rep as an elected committee person  – the representative should be an ex officio member of the committee and have the same voting rights as directly elected members.
  • Add an extra role on the committee – that of webmaster. This was considered desirable to ensure that the committee can have appropriate proper control of the information on the SCF website.

To achieve these aims the following specific changes are proposed:

8 CONDUCT OF MEETINGS replace the first sentence by:  “At a General Meeting, Full Member Clubs shall have one vote.”
9 COMMITTEE  add before  “Regional Representative on the Council of the CA” the new role “the webmaster of the federation website, ”  Change  “The committee members shall be elected annually at the AGM” to “The committee members, other than the  Regional Representative on the Council of the CA, shall be elected annually at the AGM.

The complete proposed new constitution may be examined.

GC Handicap League Winners – Phyllis Court B

Phyllis Court B beat Bransgore by 9 games to 7 in a tense final yesterday at Henley. The result hinged fittingly on the last game, 1 v 1 , Mike Fensome (0) and Brian Davies(6).
With Phyllis Court leading 8-7 either player could have won the league title for their team – a recurring theme of this year’s closely matched Handicap competition.
Unsurprisingly the game went to a very nervy hoop 13 before Mike could seal victory.

AC “Champion of Champions” Trophy 2018 Saturday March 30th 2019

Peter Allan of Harwell won the SCF AC ‘Champion of Champions’ tournament at Hamptworth CC on Saturday 30 March 2019.

14 players, all winners of their club handicap AC competitions last year, contested this event, managed by Richard Peperell.

Due to the manager playing as well as managing, the tournament format was basically knock-out but not as we would usually know it, with those who were knocked out in the first round, playing their own mini Swiss system. Although not an ideal system, it allowed the manager to play without being overly taxed by management decisions.

It was good to see that the results had a good spread of handicaps without either low handicappers or high handicappers dominating the winning positions.

Congratulations to Peter Allan on his victory. Results:

1Peter Allan (16) Harwell
2Roger Barnacle (3) Basingstoke
3Tim O’Donnell (2.5) Hamptworth
4Glynis Hassell (18) Dogmersfield
5Brian Jamieson (14) Caversham
6David Williams (4.5) East Dorset
7Jonathon Smith (1.5) Ryde
8Nick Jones (20) High Wycombe
9Jan Johnson (14) Winchester
10Hugh Manson (6) Eynsham
11=Richard Stevens (8) Hamptworth
11=Richard Peperell (5) Phyllis Court
11=David Seed (14)  Blewbury
11=James Morton (10) Bransgore
Peter Allan receiving the trophy from Richard Peperell

League information

The league tables for the 2019 season are setup and are being kept up to date.

Comments on the website should be sent to but missing or wrong information in the league tables should be reported to the appropriate league manager.

It should be noted that the who beat whom rule is not applied during the progress of the competition but will be applied at the end.

GC “Champion of Champions” Trophy 2018

Sunday March 31st 2019

The day started with the weather being overcast and chilly. However, the sun did come out and was a lot warmer for the Final.

We had 14 entries from 13 clubs, which now seems to be the ‘norm’. I arranged the participants into 2 groups of 7 based on Handicaps etc.

Everyone in each of the groups (Blue or Red) played each other one game. So all players had 6 playing rounds with one bye round each (7 Rounds total). All group games were played with a 50 minute time limit.

There was an outright winner with 6 wins in each group. In the Blue group that was a Handicap 1, Tim O’Donnell (Hamptworth) & in the Red group the highest Handicapper on the day, which also just so happened to be his first tournament ever, playing off 9, Chris Wallis (Test Valley)

In order to find a winner for the ‘CofC’ Trophy, Tim O’Donnell (giving away 8 extra shots), in an untimed one game final, beat Chris 7-5.

It was a long day (9-45 to 19-15) , but played in a very good spirit with everyone enjoying themselves .

Richard Jenkins

Tim O’Donnell

The SCF committee co-opts three new members

The SCF committee are pleased to announce the co-options of three new members, following a call for volunteers. This action follows the sad death of AC Leagues Manager Martin Brandt and David Brown’s wish to relinquish the post of Treasurer as soon as a replacement could be found. David Warhurst (High Wycombe) takes on the AC Leagues Manager with immediate effect. John Beckerleg (Winslow) becomes Treasurer. Brian Jamieson (Caversham), who volunteered for the Treasurer’s post, is co-opted as an extra committee member. All co-opted member will serve to the next AGM.

SCF Chairman, Chris Roberts, thanks all three for stepping forward to serve on the committee.

The SCF hosts the first of two ‘Croquet Matters’ workshops for member clubs

The SCF’s Development Officer Barry Dench introduced the CA backed ‘Croquet Matters’ computer based Clubs improvement tool today. Six of the SCF’s northern based clubs – Caversham, Eynsham, Harwell, High Wycombe, Phyllis Court and Wingrave, met at Phyllis Court this morning and all present were impressed with what the program had to offer – all will be recommending it be utilised at their clubs.

In the afternoon, SCF six committee members re-convened to apply ‘Croquet Matters’ to the Federation and this provided an interesting insight to many aspects of our offering to our member clubs. Areas of activity were given an assessment score and targets were set for 12 months hence. Barry Dench will be writing an overview of the process, results and targets.

The second ‘Croquet Matters’ workshop (for our southern based clubs) will be held at Winchester CC on 6 February, again lead by Barry Dench.

Death of Martin Brandt.

Martin Brandt
1949 – 2018

Martin Brandt a former SCF Chairman, long time SCF AC Leagues manager and Chairman of Basingstoke CC has, sadly, died.

Martin Brandt

There is a thriving Croquet Club in Basingstoke, largely due to the efforts of one individual, Martin Brandt.Having learned garden croquet at an early age, Martin – like many others – was seized by the bug and continued playing for as long as he possibly could.He died on 15 November 2018 as a result of illness that had plagued him for much of his adult life. He confounded the medical prognoses but, eventually, things caught up with him.

Martin was a founder member of Basingstoke Croquet Club in 1974, was never off the Committee; he was Chairman at the time of his death and had been for over 20 years.He was also AC Leagues co-ordinator of the Southern Croquet Federation and had been its Chairman for many years.Martin’s personal life was clouded in sadness, having lost his first wife, Belinda, in tragic circumstances. He remarried Iryna  – and taught her to play croquet! He was noted for taking croquet kit to work (for SSE) and setting up on a patch of grass at the office for some lunchtime practice.One or two current members of the Club joined as a result! In spite of his illness and a move to the Abingdon area, he was able to see in the move of Basingstoke Croquet Club to new facilities in 2018 and he has left the Club in good form for the future.
Ian Harrison