Regulations for AC A-Level Leagues

  • See the regulations for all leagues
  • A team shall consist of two members
  • A match shall be two 26 points advanced singles games
  • If the time limit for a game is reduced then 4 points are removed for every half hour down to a 14 point game. Allocation of bisques must then be adjusted according to  the Schedule of Bisques in Modified Games (Schedule 1 in The Laws of Association Croquet).
  • The result for a division of the league shall be decided as follows:
    1. Match points: 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
    2. If there is a tie: game wins against all opponents
    3. If two teams are tied: the match result between them (‘who beat whom’).
    4. If more than two teams are tied: the greater number of game wins in matches between them.
    5. If there is still a tie: the greater number of ‘triple peels’ in the matches between them.
    6. If there is still a tie: the winner is the team that scored the greatest hoop difference in the matches between the tied teams.
    7. If there is still a tie: then the winner is the team that scores the greatest hoop difference in all matches played.
  • The winner of the Northern Division shall play the winner of the Southern Division at a pre-declared venue and on a pre-declared date in September. This will be in accordance with the Secretary Shield competition rules, with 2 singles and a doubles in the morning followed by 4 singles in the afternoon.
    • If, however, Oxford University are one of the qualifiers, in light of their ‘special circumstances’, the arrangements for the final will be altered to a pre-declared ‘reserve date’ in October, at either the same or different pre-declared venue.
    • However, if BOTH qualifying Clubs desire to alter these dates, this may be possible with the agreement of the League Manager, so long as the Final is still played by the end of September (or October if
      Oxford University are involved).