Regulations for AC Short Leagues

  • See the regulations for all AC leagues
  • A team shall consist of four members
  • A match shall be 16 Short singles games where each player in one team plays against each player in the opposing team.
  • Handicaps should be taken from a player’s Short handicap card. Players not having one may produce a normal handicap card at their first match of the Short league to derive a Short Croquet handicap using the table on the CA’s Short Croquet Handicapping page. The result must be recorded on a Short Croquet Handicap Card. Note that:
    • the AHS for Short Croquet is only used for those playing only short croquet
    • If an AC handicap comes down, the SC handicap should be manually adjusted accordingly.
    • If an AC handicap goes up, the SC handicap should NOT be adjusted
  • Time limits shall be at the discretion of the competing team captains – but if a time limit is imposed it shall be no less than 75 minutes.
  • The result for a division of the league shall be decided as follows:
    1. Match points: 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
    2. If there is a tie: game wins against all opponents
    3. If two teams are tied: the match result between them (‘who beat whom’).
    4. If there is still a tie: the winner is the team that scored the greatest hoop difference in the matches between the tied teams.
    5. If there is still a tie: then the winner is the team that scores the greatest hoop difference in all matches played.