SCF GC 10+

This is a group of level play tournaments for players with higher handicaps. The intention is to provide a less pressured environment of competitive croquet.

Format of individual tournaments

Each tournament will accept up to eight players. With eight players there will be two all-play-all blocks of four players followed by knockout matches to provide a 1-8 placing.

The blocks will follow the Tournament Regulations section F2.

If F2c (or F2e) fail to produce an ordering then lots will be drawn as a tie breaker. In the knockout stage only the top two players from each block are able to win the tournament so seeding as explained in F2a1B using the index on their handicap cards should be used. Lots shall be drawn to order players with the same index.

The higher two players from each block then compete for positions one to four while the lower two compete for positions five to eight. The top player from each block then plays the second player from the other block. The winners then play for positions one and two and the losers for positions three and four. The same procedure is used to order the lowest four players.

All play three games in a block and two games in the knockout.

This procedure will give the correct winner. However the ordering of the other seven players depends upon the seeding reflecting their playing ability on the day.

Should there be less than eight players then the manager will use his/her discretion to produce a reasonable result.

Competition Tournaments

Clubs within the Southern Croquet Federation (SCF) have been invited to host a single
day competition for members of SCF affiliated clubs. There is a list of tournaments with results so far.

Player Eligibility

A player must be a member of a club affiliated to the SCF and have a current handicap of
10 or greater at the time the entry is accepted.

Entry fee

There is a fee of £10 for each tournament. This fee all goes to the club running the particular one day event.

Season final

Winners of each tournament will be invited to compete in a final.


Chiltern Croquet Academy can provide a one day course designed specifically to support these competitions entitled “GC – Sound Foundations”


Any questions should be addressed to